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The Project

The Guardian had several pieces of VR content with more in production but no specific housing to place them, so we teamed up with Google to launch a designated virtual reality app exclusively for their Daydream platform. I was tasked with designing a clean, coherent virtual interface for users to select from a range of experiences, learn more, download and launch.

We later decided to expand our reach with a traditional app for iPhone and Android devices. I created a sister app which mirrored the user-flow of our Daydream app, allowing a whole new set of users to engage in our immersive journalism via a cardboard headset. On launch we did a massive giveaway of headsets with our Saturday paper.

Wireframes – Daydream Main Interface

Wireframes – Daydream Experience Interface

Wireframes – Cardboard App Interface



Daydream Main Interface

Experience Tiles

Daydream Controls Interface

Cardboard App Interface